Pit Boss Pellet Grill Boston Butt Recipe

Follow our thorough instructions and recipe below to learn how to smoke pulled pork on a Pit Boss pellet grill!

This dish is simple to make but a lot of fun to cook for a large group, especially on a Pit Boss, though it can be easily modified for ANY pellet grill.

Smoked Pork Butt On A Pit Boss | Pulled Pork On A Pellet Grill

Smoked Pork Butt (Boston Butt) 🔗

Pork butts are fantastic! You can use them in lots of different dishes and are a great meat to have shredded in the fridge for a quick lunch or dinner. This recipe is a basic recipe that gives the pork butt a lot of flavour which is perfect for tacos, salads, burgers, or for anything else you can think of!

Prep: 25min

Total: 515min

Serving Size: 1 serving

Nutrition Facts: calories 200 kcal, servingSize 1 serving


  • 1 Pork butt (5 – 8 pounds)
  • Olive oil, apple juice, or mustard (to coat the pork butt)
  • 1 tbsp Sea salt
  • 1 tbsp Black pepper
  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Paprika
  • 1 tbsp Chili powder


  1. Preheat your smoker to 225 following your specific smokers manufacturers instructions.
  2. Inspect your pork butt and trim any excess fat. Pork butts usually don’t need much trimming and tidying.
  3. Coat your pork butt with your choice of oil, mustard, juice or beer. Once well coated make your dry rub and coat the pork butt well. Store bought or home made dry rub is fine. I have added the ingredients above for a simple dry rub.
  4. Once the smoker has reached temperature place the pork butt fatty side up in and smoke for 4.5 to 5 hours. Around this time the internal temperature should be around 160, at this time you want to wrap the pork butt in foil or butchers paper. When you wrap it put a little bit of water, stock, beer or cider in the bottom to ensure it stays moist. Wrap tightly.
  5. Smoked wrapped for a further 2 or 3 hours or until your meat thermometer reaches 190.
  6. Remove your pork butt from the smoker and leave wrapped and let rest for 10 minutes.
  7. Unwrap and enjoy! I like to pull shread mine!


How long does it take to cook a Boston butt on a pit boss pellet grill?

Place in smoker at 250°F for 3.5 hours, or until internal temperature reaches 145°F, then remove butt, place in pan fat side down, season, and drizzle with honey. Rub in Pit Boss Homestyle Pork Rub while wearing gloves. Allow to rest for 30 minutes before placing on grill.

How long does a Boston butt take to smoke at 225?

A pork butt will require 8 to 10 hours of smoking at 225 °F in order to reach the ideal internal temperature of 195 to 203 °F.

How long does it take to cook a 6 lb Boston butt at 225 degrees?

In your case, it would typically take up to nine hours or more to smoke a whole six-pound Boston butt at 225°F until it was tender enough to pull or shred (internal temperature of 190°F or higher).

How long does it take to cook a 7 lb Boston butt on a pellet grill?

Temperature: This recipe for pork butt on a pellet grill calls for low and slow cooking temperatures. Plan on 225 degrees F. with an increase to 275 degrees F. toward the end of cooking time. Time: As mentioned above, plan on anywhere from 7-10 hours of cooking time for a pork butt that weighs between 6-8 pounds.

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