Grilled Chipotle Chicken Recipe

Use your Ninja Foodi Grill or make this outdoors – either way, you have an easy weeknight meal. If you like homemade meals with little effort, you are going to go crazy for this Grilled Chipotle Chicken. With a spicy, zippy marinade, be ready for mouthfuls that will delight.

You will adore this grilled chipotle chicken if you share my love of southwestern and mexican flavors.

You can make delicious chicken with only a few ingredients, which is good enough to eat on its own and makes an excellent foundation for other dishes.

Chipotle’s Chicken Cooked at Home – By a Former Chipotle Employee

Grilled Chipotle Chicken Thighs 🔗

Chipotle chicken thighs are going to be your new go-to all grilling season. These are smoky, juicy, and just enough heat without being too much for kids. This would be excellent in chicken for chopped salad and a perfect accompaniment to any burrito bowl.

Prep: 5min

Total: 15min

Serving Size: 1 Chicken Thigh

Nutrition Facts: calories 120 calories, Carbohydrate 2 grams carbohydrates, Fat 8 grams fat, Protein 13 grams protein, servingSize 1 Chicken Thigh, Sodium 215 milligrams sodium, Sugar 1 grams sugar


  • 6 chicken thighs, skinless and boneless
  • 1/4 cup chipotle in adobo
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil (or preferred oil)
  • 1 lime, juiced


  1. Combine adobo, olive oil, kosher salt, and lime in a bowl with chicken thighs. Allow to marinate for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat grill to 350°F and grill chicken thighs for 10-15 minutes. I usually do mine for about 5 minutes on both sides. The chicken thighs will develop a nice char. Chicken is fully cooked at 165°F.
  3. Allow to rest for 5 minutes before serving.


Does Chipotle have grilled chicken?

The Chipotle Chicken is coated in flavorful Mexican spices, including chipotle chili powder for smoky heat, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, and onion powder, which are combined with olive oil and lime juice to tenderize the meat and make it oh-so-juicy.

Is Chipotle’s chicken breast or thigh?

When it comes to chicken, we don’t mess around. To prepare our grilled chicken, we marinate it overnight in our smoky, spicy chipotle pepper adobo, and then grill it until it’s perfectly charred with a subtle caramelized flavor.

Is the grilled chicken at Chipotle spicy?

Although we have made this both ways and both are quite delicious, Chipotle restaurants typically use chicken thighs because they are much more tender and juicy than chicken breasts.

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